Make music more open and liberal with NFT.
Melt the world and make it a challenging and exciting place.

Authorized Bootleg Community RECORDS is a place to set music free with NFT.
A place to make the world of music even more exciting using technology.

There are still a few procedures that needs to be done to achieve new challenges,
but we are working together to make it user friendly.

We promise to make ABCRECORDS a testing ground to make music more interesting and challenging while having fun together.

  • Owners of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) pieces will be able to use music and/or images on social media, use them for commercial purposes*, and create derivative works.
  • By applying for an authorization request for usage information after purchasing an NFT piece, you are considered to have granted permission for commercial use of the music within the scope of NFT Terms of Use.
  • NFTs are issued to the buyers’ wallet, therefore can be resold in external marketplaces or transferred to third parties.
  • When NFTs are resold/transferred, license for commercial use under NFT Terms of Use will be transferred to the new holder.
  • In addition, a certain amount of royalty fee will be collected for the artists when NFTs are resold.

* The content of usage rights associated to the NFT may differ for each NFT piece.Please refer to the "NFT Terms of Use" on each NFT product page for details.


Owning an ABCRECORDS NFT piece allows you to use the music for commercial purposes. (Please check the NFT Terms of Use on each product page for details)

Example of use:

  • SNS
    You can post the music piece on social media and blogs.
  • Distribution, Publication
    You can distribute music, publish them, and use them for advertising.
  • Secondary Creation
    You can officially create derivatives of the original work (remixes, arrangements, etc.).
How it works?
  • 01.Purchase
    Purchase NFT music with cryptocurrency(*).
    *Credit card payment will be supported later.
  • 02.Register a license
    After purchasing NFT music, apply for a license according to your intended usage type.
  • 03.Reselling
    You can resell the NFT music ownership rights on marketplaces such as OpenSea.
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